Looking for digital photo restoration and colourization? AnyTask.com can help, and for less than you might think.

Update and colourize black and white photos quicker than you can say 'cheese'.


Let's set the scene. You're around your grandparent's house for lunch and you spot the old photograph of your great, long lost family member perched centre stage on the fireplace. It's been there for as long as you can remember, the frame is covered in dust, the print is fading from many mornings of sun damage through the window, and there's a crease that's appeared right down the centre of the image. It's still considered a family heirloom and you can think of nothing that your grandparents would love more than that image colourized, restored, renewed, and given a new lease of life.

That's where digital photo restoration and colourization come in.

What is photo and picture restoration?

Photo restoration and colourization are the processes taken to preserve the life of an existing image, usually a physical photograph. The process digitizes the image and restores any physical damage. The further process of colourization does exactly what it says on the tin - restores the colour to bring dull, aged images back to life.

Why restore old photos?

People restore photos for all sorts of reasons; sentimentality, to preserve their family history, to save damaged photos from being lost forever or even just to back them up digitally. If you're doing it yourself for the first time, it can be a daunting task with many opportunities for things to go wrong. That's why it's easiest to take advantage of the amazing photo restoration services on AnyTask.com.

How do I restore my old photos using AnyTask.com?

Whilst it is possible to restore your own photographs with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, there is a lot of skill involved and the process can take time. So why not make it easier? Hire someone on the AnyTask™ Platform for super quick edits of your photos for great prices.

The first step to bringing your old photographs back to life is scanning them to make them digital. The quality of your scan will determine the quality of the image you receive back, so make sure it's as good as you can make it. If you can scan in colour, even if the image is black and white, this is preferable to the Seller as it makes the image easier to work with. If you don't have a scanner, there are loads of great phone apps that allow you to scan in great quality.

Once you've scanned your photo, head over to the Digital Restoration Category on AnyTask.com. Select a Task from the many available, thinking about your budget, timeframe and requirements. Once you've chosen and purchased a Task, be sure to upload your scanned file with a quick note on what exactly you're after. Then it's just a case of siting back, relaxing and waiting for the Seller to work their magic on your old snaps.

For more on how to make sure you've chosen the best Seller for your brief, check out this video.

Once you've got your photograph back, check it over to make sure you're happy with it. Many photographs have already been edited using talented Sellers on the AnyTask™ Platform. For an idea of what you can expect back, take a look at the incredible edited photograph below.


Whether you're after a digitally restored or colourized image for yourself of for a thoughtful gift this festive season, check out AnyTask.com for more inspiration, be sure to check out @AnyTaskOfficial on Instagram, Facebook and Twitted, and the AnyTask.com YouTube channel.

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