60% of UK business owners to use more freelancers in 2021

60% of UK business owners to use more freelancers in 2021

One out of three business owners said freelancers help them save money. A crypto-powered freelance platform sees a significant inflow of new sign-ups in 10 months since its launch in late 2019.

As AnyTask enters its second week since launching its massive TV ad campaign, Yahoo Finance has published a report revealing that six out of ten UK business owners plan to use more freelancers this year.

The report based on a survey by a leading freelance platform found that 67% of the respondents turned to freelancers to introduce skills to their business they didn't have in-house. And 42% said they took advantage of the opportunity to hire flexible talent to speed up projects in progress. One out of three business owners said freelancers help them save money.

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The Yahoo Finance article added that 28% of the businesses surveyed turned to freelancers to help move their businesses online last year as the global Covid-19 crisis sped up consumers' shift away from traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

The poll to 500 business owners and 1,000 freelancers also found that 65% of freelancers in the UK expect their earnings to increase in 2021 as more businesses start using online freelancer websites, such as AnyTask, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and others.

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AnyTask Head of Marketing Cathy Jenkins said that the UK-based freelance platform, powered by Electroneum, has seen an increase in sign-ups onto AnyTask from the US alone since the launch of the TV ad on 4 January.

In under 10 months since its launch in late 2019, AnyTask has nearly 610,000 registered users. Over 15,200 people are active sellers with nearly 29,000 tasks across dozens of categories and subcategories.

"This is not only momentous for AnyTask but the Electroneum project, becoming the very first crypto start-up to feature prominently on live TV," she added. "The advert is to gain business from those already using freelance services. And more importantly, it will help drive further ETN adoption."

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"We are very pleased to see the TV ads generating new traffic to both the AnyTask and Electroneum websites," said Cathy. "We are extremely confident that we will soon see a spike in interest from more and more entities to work with our talented AnyTask freelancers."

The number of new daily sign-ups to AnyTask has also notably increased, Cathy added. "In December, for example, we saw an average of 500 new users, and as of January, daily sign-ups are just over 1,300."

Mrs. Jenkins called on all freelancers on AnyTask: "In order to benefit from more businesses turning to online freelancers for talent as well as savings, freelancers need to ensure their profiles are updated and showcase their skills properly to draw the attention of new buyers. It is also important that they respond to buyer queries and orders as soon as possible."

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She concluded by emphasizing how important it is for freelancers to do their best, ensure they leave an excellent first impression, and deliver their orders to the best of their ability to guarantee repeat purchases from buyers.







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