To those struggling with daily life in Ghana, I recommend they start earning on AnyTask: Iamgadel

To those struggling with daily life in Ghana, I recommend they start earning on AnyTask: Iamgadel

Godwin's story is an inspiration to us all. One of his main concerns in life is to help as many people as possible and he does it frequently with the ETN he earns on AnyTask

Ghanaian freelancer Godwin Delai Adadzie lives in a country where he says many people face significant challenges to making ends meet, and where even those who do have a job, may still be living under the poverty line.

"My biggest passion is to be able to help others," Godwin said. "Because I live in Third World country, I know how people struggle. People here in Ghana struggle a lot to survive daily," said Godwin, who's been a freelancer for about eight years.

"I feel it, and it hurts me, so I do all that I can to help as many people as possible. I've used the ETN (Electroneum's cryptocurrency) I earn as a freelancer on AnyTask to help people who are facing financial challenges."

Godwin, who goes by Iamgadel on AnyTask, says that he has also faced many struggles because of widespread poverty and unemployment.

In Ghana, about 25% of the population (30.7 million) lives under the poverty line, and 14% or  4.4 million people live in extreme poverty. Unemployment is 9.2% and the daily minimum wage is only US$2.16, which is merely 26 US cents above what the World Bank defines as living in extreme poverty.

Who is Iamgadel?

Godwin is a web designer and developer, which he also provides via his platform Ananse Online. Iamgadel is also an animator, including in 3D, and does social media marketing. He holds a BSc in IT and provides web app development. He was an IT Tutor at a reputable high school and a web developer and social media strategist at a leading IT firm in Ghana.

However, Iamgadel, 34, left his job in 2012, when he realized that he could aspire to a more promising future by freelancing.

Freelancing on AnyTask, the right solution

“I believe one good way to help is by recommending people to get involved in freelancing,” he said. “I’ share my experience with many people as possible and help them see the benefits. And I believe AnyTask is a good solution.

He emphasized that "people should be thinking of freelancing rather than working in very demanding jobs. Parents should incentivize their children to hone digital skills rather than see them working at a warehouse or a construction site or a farm.

“Freelancing is very enjoyable, relaxing, a privilege because you can work from home or wherever you feel most comfortable. You also save time and transportation costs."

 'For me, AnyTask is better than Fiverr'

 "When I decided to start freelancing, I used different platforms, and found Fiverr to be a very good option, although, Fiverr does not move me much," said Godwin. "I have done well personally by promoting my work in social media.

“That is, of course, until the launch of AnyTask,” he said. "This platform is good for freelancing because it does not charge fees like other websites," he added in reference to the up to 20% other online sites charge freelancers.

"Let me give you an example: I convert photos into talking animation videos or I make a nice 2D or 3D animated avatar about you and make it say what you ask me and I do that for $25," he said.

"If I sell one task like this on Fiverr, I have to pay $5 to them for using its platform. And then another fee for withdrawing on PayPal. I pay like this about $6 of my work to them. In Ghana, that is about two days of hard work in only fees."

Godwin explained that getting paid swiftly is also very important for those who live on a day-to-day basis.

"Is difficult sometimes because you need money fast, but if you like on Fiverr you must wait up to four weeks in Ghana, so is good on AnyTask to get paid in minutes after your job is accepted. You can use quickly for mobile phone recharge and electricity, and food."

On AnyTask, both buyers and sellers are protected 100%. Its escrow system protects everyone, and any refunds go straight back to their payment card. And its dispute system is arguably the fairest in the industry and customer service is available 24/7 and all inquiries are dealt with within 48 hours.

Recommendations to freelancers

Godwin says it is crucial to listen to clients. Learn from them. Receive their feedback seriously and accept criticism to improve. 

"You have to make buyer trust you and if you build confidence then people start asking for more work for you," he said.

 'What I do with ETN'

"I send airtime from my Electroneum app to friends in Nigeria that have an urgent need for a phone for work," Godwin said. He also said he uses his ETN for rent, food, and other everyday essentials.


Seller Testimonials

Buy or sell digital tasks

Today’s leading freelance platforms have made tremendous leaps forward in providing people with the ability to earn a living online whilst doing the Tasks they love. Anything from making quick videos with your smartphone to logo design and translation services is sold online today, providing individuals and businesses with a cost-effective way of getting jobs done. You can get started as a Seller with just a simple internet-enabled smartphone.

Sell without a bank account

However, these platforms have a major restriction, in that both Buyer and Seller require access to a bank account. This single restriction is stopping hundreds of millions of people in unbanked regions from selling their services online, and in turn, helping them to make a better living for themselves and their families. The AnyTask™ Platform is a new online marketplace matching Buyers and Sellers of digital Tasks and designed to overcome this limitation. While payment is still taken from the Buyer’s credit or debit card, it is delivered seamlessly to the Seller in ETN; a world-leading mobile cryptocurrency created by Electroneum Ltd. This enables the Seller to receive payment without the need for a bank account. The ETN earned can be spent in a growing list of ways, such as topping up your phone or converting it into your local currency via an exchange.

Zero Seller fees

Furthermore, where other platforms may charge Sellers up to 20% in fees, the AnyTask Platform is entirely free to the Seller. The AnyTask Platform continues to evolve with ongoing improvements since its launch in late 2019.
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