The AnyTask™ Platform list of free online beginner courses for logo designers

The AnyTask™ Platform list of free online beginner courses for logo designers

Graphic designers are one of the most sought-after freelancers on the AnyTask™ Platform and other leading platforms. And one of the most purchased tasks from graphic designers is logo design.

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With that in mind and as part of the ongoing effort to provide freelancers with as many free resources as possible, has prepared the following list of free online beginner courses for logo designers.

1. UDEMY: Effective Logo Design for Non-Designers in PowerPoint

What you'll learn:

  • Learn the basic principles of good logo design
  • Understand the colour psychology
  • Understand the meaning of shapes in logo symbols
  • Learn how to combine fonts
  • Add new fonts to your computer
  • Test, if your logo is readable
  • Know where to get images

Course description:

Anita Nipane created this course throughout, in which she will explain good logo design principles, basics of colour theory, and shape psychology. She'll also teach you the rules behind combining different type fonts so that they look good together. 

Anita will also show you how to install free fonts on your computer for PowerPoint to create more sophisticated designs.

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In part two of the course, you will discover how to create your own logo by using the existing shapes, combining them, and creating new ones. Anita will also teach you to test your logo to ensure it looks its best. And she has included a bonus section to show you where to get free images.

2 . UDEMY: Design A Logo In 1-Hour For Absolute Beginners

What you'll learn:

  • Design a Simple Logo From Start To Finish
  • Basics of Logo Design Theory
  • Using Canva
  • Test your logo
  • Logo Design Easy Workflow

Course description:

Created by Valentin D., the course is designed for beginners, small business owners who need a logo but have no budget, entrepreneurs, and YouTubers. The instructor will teach you the minimum you need to create an efficient and beautiful logo!

Valentin will teach you logo basics and use Canva, a free and easy logo design tool. The instructions will provide learners with fonts, colours, icons, and testing for their logos.

3 . UDEMY: Learn Inkscape: Design Logos and Game Arts

What you'll learn:

  • Create Any Logo
  • Create Game Background and Isometric art
  • Create A Logo From A Reference Quickly
  • Satisfy Clients With Quality Arts

Course description:

Swapnil Rane created this free online course for beginners to learn to design logos and game art using Inkscape, which is free to use, which they claim is a potent, free design tool for illustrators, designers, or anybody who simply needs to create some vector imagery. Visit their website for a variety of free learning resources.

Swapnil will teach you the fundamentals of Inkscape and how to create amazing logos and game art. The instructor will guide you through the basics and how Inkscape works.

By the end of the course, students will have the skills to design great logos and game art in minutes.

4. UDEMY: How to animate logos for companies and brands

What you'll learn:

  • Animate Logos using simple Motion Recipes

Course description:

This one-hour beginner course by Michael McGreal is for those interested in practical animation to bring logos to life. You will require access to Adobe After Effects. Student subscriptions to the creative cloud cost $20. There is a free seven-day trial available as well.

This course will introduce you to the basic elements of motion graphics and teach you how to apply these simple motion recipes to lucrative logo animations, says McGreal. His objective is to simplify the learning process for you with easy projects from which to build. 

He claims that living logos are the easiest (and most immediately profitable) form of motion graphics, and they are easy to learn. This course focuses on the fundamentals. It will provide you with the basic building blocks of animation that you will immediately apply to pay Living Logo projects.

5 . UDEMY: Learn Illustrator recreating top logos

What you'll learn:

  • Use Illustrator
  • Can create logos

Course description:

If you're an Adobe Illustrator beginner, this course is perfect for you, states its instructor, Kashif Iqbal. He teaches students of the course use of the software's main tools.

The course is divided into two parts. Part One: Learning Illustrator tools. In this part, students will learn the proper selection and direct selection tools. Also, pen and text tools as well as how to use the rectangle and rotate tools. And lastly, how to get the best out of the shape builder and eyedropper tools. Part Two: Recreating Top 3 Logos. During this part, students will learn through recreating the Google Chrome, Skype, and Windows 8 logos.

6. UDEMY: Packaging-logo design in Photoshop and Illustrator

What you'll learn:

  • Create stunning photorealistic product packaging for a cereal box and a healthy snack bar label. Apply this knowledge to create your own packaging designs.
  • Develop your creativity. You learn a vast array of tools & techniques in Photoshop & Illustrator, working side-by-side with me.
  • Learn techniques to design a distressed texture. Apply this to create a weathered styled logo.
  • The roles and demands of a graphic designer in the competitive business & entrepreneurial startup world.
  • Have knowledge of graphic design from updated research & statistical experiments to understand how to design for a target market.
  • Able to develop into an intelligent designer who understands how to apply theory in design to combine art, creativity, reasoning & logic to make marketable designs.
  • Have a more mature grasp of graphic design in the present world instead of just knowing how to make brochures and business cards without any appreciation of 'what is graphic design' - too old school.

Course description:

Course instructor Nidia Sahjara will teach you how to create stunning photorealistic product packaging for a cereal box and a healthy snack bar label. And then how to apply this knowledge to create your own packaging designs.

Students of the course will also learn techniques to design a distressed texture and apply this to create a weathered-styled logo. She will also provide students with graphic design knowledge from updated research and statistical experiments to understand how to design for a target market.

7 . UDEMY: 3D logo design using Autodesk Maya

What you'll learn:

  • Introduction to Autodesk 3D Maya
  • Introduction to Core 3D Workflows
  • Produce a professional-looking logo
  • Determine if a 3D Career is right for you

Course description:

This course by's Quick Start Video Series: If you are a beginner looking to learn Autodesk 3D Maya, these videos will give you a quick overview of the software to help you decide if you seriously want to pursue a career in 3D.

After this course, you will have created a personalized 3D Logo that walks you through step-by-step working on a project from start to finish, such as modeling, materials, lighting & rendering. hopes you found this article useful and invites you to check out more Tips for Sellers in their AnyTask newsroom.

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