Seven Reasons Your Business Needs To Start A Blog Now

If you own a small business, you're probably wondering whether blogging is worth your time and effort. An emphatic YES! is the quick answer. Blogging on a regular basis for your small business is a simple, low-cost approach to improve your inbound marketing efforts, generate traffic to your site, and attract more potential clients.

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If you're a small business owner, you might be thinking if blogging is worth it. Here are several reasons to consider:

  • 61% of shoppers in the United States have made a purchase after reading a blog post.
  • Blogs are the most essential technique of content marketing, according to 37% of marketers.
  • Companies that blog receive 97% more inbound links than competitors who do not blog.
  • Blog-enabled websites have 434% more indexed pages than non-blog-enabled ones - a win for SEO!
  • B2B companies are more likely than B2C companies to blog.
  • 94% of people who share posts do so because they believe it will benefit others.
  • B2B companies who have blogs generate 67% more leads than those who don't.

Without further ado, here are the top seven reasons why you should start a blog for your small business.

1 Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like providing users with new and useful content. What better approach to provide new content on a regular basis than through blog posts? By blogging on a regular basis, you provide new information for Google and other search engines to index, as well as opportunities to plug in those all-important keywords to improve your exposure on search engine results pages (SERPS).

As a bonus, you'll gain backlinks as other websites start to connect to your articles. This adds to the SEO fire since search engines perceive backlinks to be an endorsement of your website's authority.

2 Establishing Relationships with Prospective and Existing Customers

Blogging allows you to communicate with the people that visit your website. This can be performed by simply enabling comments and feedback or by asking your readers’ questions at the conclusion of your posts to start a conversation. You may build a rapport with your audience, build trust, and receive vital insight into what your customers want by evaluating and replying to reader comments.

3 Establish Your Business as a Market Leader

Providing relevant, knowledgeable content in your blog entries can help you develop trust and clout in your market, no matter how tiny your company is. You become a "go to" resource for useful, insightful material over time, which can lead to increased consumer conversion rates. This is particularly crucial for small businesses seeking to establish a reputation in order to compete with larger corporations.

4 Get The Word Out About Your Brand

Outbound marketing strategies don't allow you to exhibit a personal part of your business, so you may display a side of your business that potential and present customers won't see. Blogging allows readers to get a sense of your company's standards, vision, and personality.

5 Bring Value to Your Readers

The capacity to deliver value to visitors is one of the main advantages of business blogging. Potential leads are considerably more interested in posts that assist them in solving problems or provides tips to make anything in their lives easier or better than in-your-face advertisements. Of course, your products or services will be mentioned in your postings as part of the answers you offer, but in a subtly helpful way.

You are actually developing loyalty among potential consumers by taking the time and effort to deliver valuable content for free, and they will be more likely to select your firm over your competitors when they are ready to make a purchase if you do so. You can also include testimonial-focused pieces to encourage people who are thinking about buying something to take the next step. Don't bother writing if all you're doing is promoting your products or services. The readers will be uninterested.

6 Generate Leads

By inviting interested leads to subscribe to your blog postings, you may use your blog to collect emails. The emails can then be used for marketing to increase the number of touch points. Not only will people view your blog entries on a regular basis, but you can now use email marketing to promote your business, provide special offers, and more. The more times you can engage with a lead, the more likely they are to become clients.

7 Create Sharing Opportunities

Whenever you blog, you provide your readers the opportunity to share it with others. It's free marketing, and it further certifies you as a respectable company if they link to your blog article, tweet it, or email it to others.

Blogging just makes sense from a practical standpoint. You can create trust, improve search engine rankings, enhance website traffic, and strengthen relationships with future and present clients with little work and investment. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that no small firm should overlook.

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