Promoting AnyTask™ Platform Seller Tasks does not have to be difficult: Stef Armstrong

Promoting AnyTask™ Platform Seller Tasks does not have to be difficult: Stef Armstrong

ETN-Network and Social Media Manager shares a few free ways Sellers can promote their Tasks

Task promotion doesn’t have to be difficult, and you can do as much or as little as you want. This guide has been prepared to give you some examples of how you can advertise your Task online for free, says Social Media Manager Stef Armstrong. So, who better than him to explain AnyTask™ Platform freelancers a few social media tips that could help them some more Buyers and or repeat purchases.

Social Media

If you’re not using one of the most extensive and, most importantly, free forms of advertising out there, then you’ve got to start now, said Mr. Armstrong. Social media has the potential for shared content to reach millions of people worldwide.

The first thing is to set up social media pages, that is, of course, if you haven’t done that yet. He recommends sticking to the three most prominent social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, TikTok and YouTube are also great platforms.

So, once those social media accounts have been set up, it’s time to start sharing. Logically, getting followers is the first step. That’s done by using relevant hashtags. For example, those who offer logo design will use #logo, #logodesign, and so on. Please visit or for more options. It is also good to Google them to find others that work.

Comments on relevant social media posts

Another great way to start creating a network is by commenting on other people’s statuses and posts. Finding topical and relevant social media groups is essential, too, as those are places where links to Tasks can be shared.

The no-brainer is when someone asks for a logo or for reference to who can create that logo for them. Yes, that’s the perfect place to offer that Task to that person.

Video content works best!

Stef Armstrong has tremendous experience creating YouTube videos, so he is more than likely right when he says these work best.

“So, if you can create little videos of you doing your Task to showcase your skills, then that will work better than using still images,” he said. “Remember, using social media to share Tasks is all about showcasing you and your talent and making people want to buy from you.”
“Using the same logo designer example again, you could upload a ‘how to video’ to your YouTube channel showing how you personally would go about designing a new logo,” said Stef. “That gives potential clients an idea of the types of skills you have, and also gives people the opportunity to click on your Task link if you put it down in the description of your video.”

Stef said freelancers could upload videos to their Task page to showcase their skills there as well. “So, why not kill two birds with one stone? You have a nice video for YouTube for people to search, and you have a nice video for your Task page.”

Taking the video tip a bit further

Stef recommends taking the YouTube video uploading idea even further by creating topical content around logo design. So, for example, he added, “once your ‘how to video’ is done, you could think about other aspects of logo design to further showcase your logo design knowledge. And to educate your viewers on logo design. This will give you more opportunities for your Task link to be clicked. You could make a video called “Top Five Logo Design Trends In 2021” or make something a bit more niche like ‘How To Create A Minimalist Logo Design.’

Remember, YouTube allows users to tag their videos with relevant keywords, so one must make sure to do the research first to the best keywords. There are free tools available for that, such as VidIQ or Google Tag Manager.

And how about Quora?

Another great way to promote Tasks is using Quora. As many already know, Quora is a website where individuals ask questions to the other members who answer those queries. A lot of people use this website to find answers to their questions. In fact, according to Similar web, Quora has about 514 million visits a month. So, why not take advantage of that as an Seller to get some of that website traffic over to thei


Tips for Sellers

Buy or sell digital tasks

Today’s leading freelance platforms have made tremendous leaps forward in providing people with the ability to earn a living online whilst doing the Tasks they love. Anything from making quick videos with your smartphone to logo design and translation services is sold online today, providing individuals and businesses with a cost-effective way of getting jobs done. You can get started as a Seller with just a simple internet-enabled smartphone.

Sell without a bank account

However, these platforms have a major restriction, in that both Buyer and Seller require access to a bank account. This single restriction is stopping hundreds of millions of people in unbanked regions from selling their services online, and in turn, helping them to make a better living for themselves and their families. The AnyTask™ Platform is a new online marketplace matching Buyers and Sellers of digital Tasks and designed to overcome this limitation. While payment is still taken from the Buyer’s credit or debit card, it is delivered seamlessly to the Seller in ETN; a world-leading mobile cryptocurrency created by Electroneum Ltd. This enables the Seller to receive payment without the need for a bank account. The ETN earned can be spent in a growing list of ways, such as topping up your phone or converting it into your local currency via an exchange.

Zero Seller fees

Furthermore, where other platforms may charge Sellers up to 20% in fees, the AnyTask Platform is entirely free to the Seller. The AnyTask Platform continues to evolve with ongoing improvements since its launch in late 2019.
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