Meet the Romanian couple who are one of the top talents on Electroneum’s global freelance platform AnyTask

Meet the Romanian couple who are one of the top talents on Electroneum’s global freelance platform AnyTask

The thing George and Cinthya of Ivan Studio like most about AnyTask is that they do not pay fees or commissions

With over a thousand high-quality video editing and production gigs sold in four years to clients around the world, including Middle East, Asia, and the United States, George and Cinthya Ivan of Ivan Studio have demonstrated on AnyTask why they are very successful freelancers.

When you take into account the nine years of video editing and producing experience and the passion they display, it comes to no surprise that the couple from Romania are among the top talents on the global freelance platform AnyTask – still in its soft launch stage.

“More importantly, for us, is that we have a great passion for what we do, and we truly enjoy each task as if we were doing it for ourselves,” said George in a video interview with Electroneum. “My wife Cinthya and I put great effort into each video as if it were for us. We do as many revisions as necessary until the completed task looks exactly like our clients asked.”

Their dedication, talent, and creativity are what has helped the couple based in Onesti – the small town of 50,000 people that saw the birth of one of the greatest gymnasts of all times: Nadia Comaneci – to thrive as freelancers. It is also what keeps customers coming back for more.

“We have done a lot of repeat business with clients from Dubai, tech companies from Texas and retailers from China,” said Cinthya. “We have so much work that we sometimes find ourselves having to analyse which client is a better fit for us because we want to deliver something that makes us proud and our customers extremely happy.”

Regardless of who they work with, George and Cinthya “guarantee their complete satisfaction, and although it has not happened yet, we are always prepared to refund our customers if they are not entirely pleased.”

How it all began

The Ivans have been married since 2009. A year into their marriage, they decided to start doing a bit of freelancing, and so began what has been an incredible journey for them. 

George went to university for a year and decided that it was not for him. He got into sales. His wife, who he met in college where they both studied mathematics and physics, was working as an administrative secretary.

“That is when our transition began, and gradually through tons of tutorials and video explainers, we began getting better at what we love doing,” Cinthya said. George agreed, adding that, “We still go through hours of tutorials because we make it a point to acquire more skills and perfect those we have already constantly. We also learn a lot from our clients, who have taught us so many things we didn’t know were possible.”

The talent behind Ivan Studio explained they became full-time freelancers in 2016, and today many friends and relatives are following suit as they have observed how well George and Cinthya were doing.

“Initially, we hesitated two years before quitting our day jobs to become full-time freelancers because of the natural fears that come with not being on a company’s payroll… you have no guarantees,” said George. “But we soon saw that we could make enough to cover all our expenses and still have a bit extra for personal indulgence.”

AnyTask and Fiverr are the best!

“We started on Fiverr, which we believe is one of the biggest freelance platforms. There are others, but they did not match with our style,” Cinthya said, and George said, “AnyTask will evolve, improve, and, if they keep up their current pace, they will become one of the biggest freelance platforms in the world.”

Many talented and highly skilled professionals are on AnyTask, said George. He went on to say he and his wife have purchased some tasks from others on that platform. 

For now, Ivan Studio make most of their income from customers on Fiverr as well as contacts they have from networking locally, friends, and other networking events.

“We went to the beautiful city of Boracay in the Philippines, and we produced a video about the place, and the local travel agencies liked it so much they used it to promote tourism to that location,” George said.

Cinthya and George have done their due diligence, and after trying different freelance platforms, they decided only to use AnyTask and Fiverr.

“The thing we like most about AnyTask is that all the income from our work goes into our pockets because they do not charge freelancers any fees or commissions unlike other platforms,” said George. “That means extra income for us.”

For now, George and Cinthya use the ETN they earn on AnyTask for mobile top-ups. “But most of our ETN remains stored because we believe that it will increase in value, so that is part of our savings for the future. We’ve been with Electroneum since the ICO in September of 2017.”

A few last words

Online freelancing has become a significant global economic activity that is expected to add at least US$2.7 trillion dollars to the world’s GDP by 2025 when the number of people involved in this sector of the digital economy is expected to reach 520 million from the current 150 million.

It’s no wonder that George and Cinthya encourage others to start freelancing. “You do not need to be perfect, just eager to learn and educate yourself, and with passion, you will get good results. We have friends and relatives who have started this freelance journey after seeing the positive changes in our lives, and they are gradually becoming more successful.”

They do recommend that you do figure out one thing you are good at or that appeals to you. “Just make sure you stick to doing one thing, not ten things, that you are good at, and you will do well,” Cinthya and George advised.




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