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In his latest AnyTask™ Platform video, Stef Armstrong, the Social Media Manager for, shares some ideas for start-ups and how they can benefit from using the global freelance platform.


Whether you need an online digital freelancer instead of hiring full-time employees or because you are starting with limited financial resources, is perfect for you. So, scroll to the bottom and watch the video or read the following text taken word-for-word from the video.

Starting a new business?

Starting a new business can be a daunting experience. And if you are a solopreneur, your journey could be even more difficult. Most start-ups need to get logos for their brand, banners for social media, business cards, video ads, and even a website to kick off their small enterprise.

All these jobs piled up can feel daunting, but don't worry, is here to help. This UK-based freelance platform has over 650,000 registered users already. On it, you can find thousands of high-quality tasks from just $1. 

As an example of how easy and low-cost it is to set up your Business on the AnyTask™ Platform, we have put together a simple hypothetical case for you centred around a fictional gardener. Let's call him John Smith.

Mr. Smith is a young business-minded university freshman in southern California, where people pride themselves on their beautifully landscaped front yards. He's been mulling over what he should do to earn an extra income to pay for his tuition and expenses.

And one of the first things that came to mind was landscaping because he already has a pick-up truck and the gardening tools needed to get going. But now he has to think about branding, so a logo, business cards, banners, a website, and all those things.

Limited financial resources?

Many businesses start as one-person operations. Because John Smith has limited financial resources, it makes sense for him to do everything himself, but does he have the graphic design and website development skills he needs? Probably not, so it suddenly makes sense to hire online freelancers. freelancers can save you money. You do not need to hire anybody on a contractual basis—no need for accounting services for salaries, and no office space is required either as freelancers work remotely. 

John has done his due diligence and has found that freelancers have some of the industry's best prices. And they can offer their services at lower costs than other leading freelance platforms because the AnyTask™ Platform doesn't charge them any fees or commissions. After some research, John has estimated he can get everything done for under $250, which is pretty good going for this scope of work! 

Let's see exactly how: 

The best place to start with any business is the logo. It is needed to be used on pretty much all other assets you have made. So, he visited the "Logo Design" category on and found a wide variety of talented designers, one of which created the following logo for him for just $5.

In this day and age, a business with social media has a greater chance of success, so John got this social media banner done for just $10.60, so he can showcase his business online:

He also got a talented AnyTask™ Platform photo editor to retouch some pictures for his social media channels, and he got them done for only $4.49.

How important are business cards?

Business cards can be equally as crucial in this day and age as is social media. If you have physical clients or do many face-to-face meetings, a business card is a great way to share your business contact details. They show you are professional, and they help get you more clients as well. So, he got them designed for only $5.50. 

John found that having a uniform also gives his gardening business a more formal and professional look, rather than just turning up in an old T-shirt and jeans to jobs. It also helps with brand awareness. He is working on front yards, and a uniform with a visible logo could attract new customers. On, he got the uniform design done for $15.90. 

So far, John has spent $41.49. He's extremely pleased with how many things he's got done at such a low cost without sacrificing quality at all. He has now decided he wants a website for his business. He's found a freelancer on who developed it for him at the cost of $84.80. It's a one-page website, and it's been beautifully designed and fulfils John's request of having all the information in one place for future clients.

And lastly, John has decided he wants a video advert for his business, and he got that done for just $106.

So, in total, John has spent an extremely reasonable $232.29 and now has everything he needs to kick start his gardening business properly.

The perfect solution

If you are also about to launch a business of your own and are in a similar situation as John Smith, is the right solution for you. So, wait no longer and visit the AnyTask™ Platform now and find out why it has become a leading freelance platform. 

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