3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Holidays

The holidays bring together families, friends, and colleagues to celebrate the season over shared meals, gift-giving, and other festivities. As a business owner, it’s an equally important time for growth whether that be from loyal, returning customers or new customers acquired during this festive season. Sometimes, the frenzied pace of the holiday season can be overwhelming for retailers and customers alike. To ensure you are ready, here are three ways to prepare your business for the holidays.

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Determine your Product Mix

Begin by reviewing the most popular products or services your customers have historically purchased to understand your key revenue drivers. Next, evaluate the latest trends to find products that will attract new customers and potentially entice your loyal customers to purchase more.

With the best products selected for the season, it’s time to determine stock levels, get your products ordered, and update your packaging or site for the season. If you are running out of time to add new products to your web store, design new packaging, or store signage, AnyTask.com is here to help! The AnyTask.com platform is a site with expert freelance Sellers who offer digital services in the form of Tasks. On AnyTask.com, you will find hundreds of expert designers who can assist with uploading products to your web store, writing product descriptions, or even designing custom holiday branded packaging and signage.

Once you have determined the right mix of products to sell and ordered your stock, it’s time to decide on the best way to reach customers and bring them to your business.


Establish your Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Now that you have your holiday products selected, create a timeline for the season. Determine which products to highlight in marketing campaigns and assign specific days to market them. Consider using discounts to entice customers to make a purchase. Focus on high-margin items so you don’t risk losing too much profit. Alternatively, take a single item and heavily discount it with the goal of selling complementary products alongside. Another popular option is offering discount codes or exclusive deals to customers online. Using marketing channels like email, digital ads, and social media ads are excellent ways of promoting your discounts to a wider audience. To get assistance with your digital marketing campaigns, consider hiring a freelance Seller on AnyTask.com. Select from Tasks in categories such as: Digital Ads, Email Marketing, or find a Seller and request a Custom Quote Task to enter your specific needs and budget.


Build a SEO Marketing Strategy

Terms like SEO can seem quite daunting but it is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your online presence become more visible when people are searching online for related products. This is achieved by researching which terms are relevant to your business and popular with searchers then using those terms in your marketing materials and website. These terms, known as keywords, can be related to current trends, the industry you are in, or even the holiday season itself.

In case you need some help with generating these keyword lists, freelance SEO experts can take this off your to-do list. Freelance Sellers on the AnyTask.com platform can research keywords on your behalf and generate SEO-focused content on your site and marketing assets.


Final Thoughts

The holiday season is a crucial time in most businesses’ yearly calendars. Having the right products, offering special promotions, and finding customers online can make for a successful season. Whether you need web store or product specialists, digital marketing experts or help with SEO experts, or any other digital Task for your business, you can find freelance Sellers on AnyTask.com. Get started today!


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